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Lafayette Christian Church, founded in 1959, is a "place of grace" in Contra Costa County which welcomes all to its community.  An Open and Affirming congregation since the 1990s, it is a community that encourages discussion, embraces differences and reaches out to the needs of the wider world.  We invite you to visit LCC and experience this caring community.


LCC is part of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), one of ten mainline Protestant denominations. The denomination began in America in 1832, as an effort to unify Christians under a New Testament faith. As such, the Disciples believe in the respect for diversity of opinion and inclusiveness with underlying faith in God and the ministry of Jesus.


The Disciples, and LCC, have weekly communion open to all who believe, and adult baptism for mature believers. These are the only two “ordinances” of the church. Other than this, each church is part of a regional and national organization, yet maintains its own autonomy.


The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) has more than 650,000 members and about 3,600 congregations in America.


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Mission of Lafayette Christian Church

Lafayette Christian Church is a spiritual community

where God's unconditional love and grace are experienced.

We are an Open and Affirming congregation that embraces diversity

and welcomes all, by honoring and supporting everyone's faith journey.

We strive to model the values of love, compassion, justice and peace

in our daily lives using the teachings of Jesus as our guide.

We are the heart and hands of God

as we serve the needs of the local and global communities.


Lafayette Christian Church

Open and Affirming Statement

We are an Open and Affirming congregation

seeking to be a "movement for wholeness in a fragmented world"*

(*from the Disciples of Christ Identity Statement)

We are an inclusive community committed to compassion and justice for all.

Our invitation is: "Come as you are" - every color, age, gender, sexual orientation, people of all gifts and abilities are welcome to journey with us.

























Lafayette Christian Church extends sympathy and prayers

to the families of those killed in the Orlando shooting.

Rev. Dr. Sharon Watkins,

General Minister and President of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) offers words of comfort and hope in her statement "Love Wins.



Set SAIL This Summer!


LCC and First Christian Church, Concord announce:

Summer Adventures

in Learning



SAIL is a church camp program for kids

ages 4-11 and meets each day from

9:00 am to noon. This year it will be held

at First Christian Church of Concord. 


Dive in!

Explore God's love through

the power of water!


We will learn together by playing games, singing songs, doing crafts, and reading Bible Stories. 

August 1st-5th

9:00 am-Noon 

For kids ages 4 - 11 FREE! 

Don’t miss the boat!


Registration form available here.

 For more information,

please contact either church.


Lafayette Christian Church



First Christian Church Concord










Lafayette Christian Church, (Disciples of Christ), 584 Glenside Drive, Lafayette, CA 94549
Ph. 925-283-8304 | Email: lcc.disciples@gmail.com

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